Fieldkit documentation

Fieldkit is a Python package for working with field files used by OpenFTS (and PolyFTS). The goal of fieldkit is to make analyzing, plotting, and manipulating field files easy and painless.


  1. Install dependencies:

    • numpy, scipy, matplotlib (for core functionality)

    • pytest (for unit tests)

    • sphinx (for documentation)

    • mdtraj, gsd, scikit-image, pandas, numba (for some specialized functionality)

    • Paraview (for VTK visualization)

  2. Update your PYTHONPATH to contain fieldkit:

    export PYTHONPATH=<path>/fieldkit:$PYTHONPATH
  3. Check that everything works

    python3 -c "import fieldkit as fk; field = fk.Field(npw_Nd=(32,32))"

Take a look at the Fieldkit basics tutorial to learn more.

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